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VCI Woven Lamination Paper

VCI Woven Lamination Paper

VCI Woven Lamination Paper
Product name : VCI Woven Lamination Paper
Item : YK-308PW
Details :
 VCI Woven Lamination Paper

—Eco-friendlyeconomical and innovative anti-corrosion packaging materials

There are two structures with PC ( single PE film+ PE woven) and PD (double PE film+ PE woven). They can meet the strength and waterproof requirement of heavy item.  

Typical characters of VCI paper:

Double functions of vapor corrosion inhibitor and contact corrosion inhibitor

Needn’t coat antirust oil , operate effective , labor saving.

Alternative structure, having different strength

Long-time protection of cold-rolled(CR)steel, galvanized steel,color-coated steel, aluminum coil, alu-zinc plate, electrical steel, pickling steel, ect.

Protection of metals from corrosion during transportation and storage.

Interim storage of metallic parts between the various stages of manufacturing

As interleaves or for the individual wrapping of parts

To extend the product life cycle of metallic components and machines

To be environmentally friendly and cost-efficient

Meeting Directives and standards of JIS Z 1535, QB1319-2010,TRGS 615,ROHS, etc.

Heavy waterproof pack


VCI // Flat neutral kraft paper // PE film // PE woven


VCI // Flat neutral kraft paper // PE film // PE woven  // PE film

Wrap Pack




VCI // crepe neutral kraft paper // PE film// PE woven

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