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Types and applications of Black paperboard

Author : GB paper Date : 2/26/2019 11:57:14 PM
 At present, our black card paper maily have C1S black cardboard, C2s black cardboard, two side uncoated black cardboard, black cardboard with grey back, etc.

The scope of application as follows:

1.Stationery: photo frame back, hardcover, album, notebook,  jigsaw puzzle, folder, writing board, etc. 

2. Clothing industry: hangtag, shirt box, shirt board, shopping bags, clothes hanger and so on. 

3.Gift wrapping:  all kinds of craft gift wrapping,  like advanced cosmetic box, jewelry box, shoe box, mobile phone box, leather products, hand-held bag (handbag, high-grade 
gift bag)  promotional gift, etc. 

4. Advertising industry: advertising board, window display, display frame, optoelectronic back panel, etc. 

5. Sound electronics: electronic gasket, sound horn .

6. Food wrapping: tea box, mooncake box, wine box.