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Manufacture of Black Card Paper

Author : GB paper Date : 2/17/2019 6:13:04 AM
                                                    Manufacture of Black Card Paper

Black card paper, also known as black Kraft paper, is generally made of pure wood pulp. And we can call it black kraft paper card as paper core is black color.Black card paper is a kind of paper of different thickness, generally with the features of double-sided smooth and exquisite, good stiffness and stable color.


Like ordinary kraft paper, black card paper is divided into different grades according to its whiteness requirements. The whiteness of A grade black card paper is not lower than 92% and B grade is no less than 87%, C grade is no less than 82% etc. Black card paper is widely used to make album, photo frame, back board, gift box, jewelry box, mobile phone box, shoe box, stationery, clothing tag, notebook, calendar, hand-held bag and loudspeaker electronic gasket, as well as all kinds of handicraft packaging. Of course, its specifications and grams are also differentaccording to the usage of black card paper.

The black card paper with grey back is used to make the photo frame back board, the gift box,the common gram weight is between 60 and 180g, but the black card paper which is used to make the loudspeaker sound gasket is slightly smaller, thickness is between 0.7 to 1mm,also called electroacoustic black card paper. In addition, there are different kinds of black paper cards. The double-sided coated black paper card, the gram weight is between 200-500g, the pure wood pulp black card paper, the gram weight is between 200-500g,its common specification is the international standards (787*1092mm/889*1194mm) in sheet size, As for roll size, the width is mostly787mm or 889mm. Also of course can be cut into different size according to customer special requirements.