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QQ: 2287505859
About Us

Yueking Group established in 1996, has now been one leading manufacturer of interleaving kraft paper, base paper for masking tape, grey paperboard, paper toilet seat cover and other speciality paper, and our business units may also offer high quality paper products. We have set up 6 companies and invested plants located in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Henan and Dongguan, conveniently serving customer at home and abroad.

Consistently delivering high quality papers requires raw materials in perfect condition. That is why we inspect all incoming materials against the strictest standards. We use certified pulp which enables us and our customers to deliver products that meet environmentally friendly and socially responsible standards.

Shanghai Yueking can produce complete series of eco-friendly packaging &protection materials , by implementing the ISO9001 QMS and ISO14001 EMS during whole production. By means of our excellent services, competitive price and the timely delivery, Shanghai Yueking has won the reputation of various customers in different regions, including American, Asia , Europe, etc.


Our sustainability statements:

We use certified pulp, which comes from socially and environmentally responsible forestry. Eco-audits have been carried out at our production sites and are continuously updated.